Hey New Friend,

Hope you are having an amazing week! We at The Verge just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we are so glad that you choose to look us up and find out what we are all about. We are excited about getting to know you and hope to see you this week!

What to Expect:
Each week you will walk into a fun environment, experience a challenging message, take part in a small group discussion and be given the opportunity to worship God. Not to mention the top 40 songs you might hear and the games and prizes that are different each week.

When and where:
The Verge is real, relevant, and now; and can only be experienced. If you are middle or high school come and bring your friends Wednesday nights @ 7pm to The Channel at 26 Orchard Park Rd. in Greenville.  (It's at the corner of Orchard Park and Haywood Rd.)  We'll be waiting!

Our Purpose: To create a safe environment for yous to come and explore who you are, what you stand for and why, so that you can influence and change the world around you for Christ.

Our Plan: Make community a priority, develop leaders, interact with parents and mobilize students to be active in ministry.

Our Values:
Love—Loving God, loving yourself, and learning to love others.
Relationships—With God, your friends, your parents, and the world around you.
Accountability—To Christ and to each other.
Growth and change—Taking steps toward our purpose.